Psychologists are trained to assess and diagnose mental health issues and work to manage and maintain the patient’s well-being

Psychology Services At CityHealth

A psychologist will meet with patients to assess, diagnose and treat their psychological problems and mental illness. Treatment plans can include psychotherapy sessions designed to overcome or manage chronic conditions.

In most cases, the initial focus is on working with the client to manage what can be distressing physical symptoms. Depending on what the underlying issues are, the therapy can later extend into understanding why they occurred in the first place. This awareness can significantly help the client manage their mental wellbeing in their daily life.

Psychological services are available for individuals across the lifespan (adults, adolescents, children, and families) and for mental health conditions that range from mild to severe and complex. These issues include anxiety, depression, pain management, OCD, panic attacks, eating disorders, effects of workplace bullying, PTSD and substance use. Relationship counselling is also provided.

Psychologists not only treat patients with ongoing mental illnesses but also those suffering from short term problems such as grief, stress and depression. Experienced and professionally trained, to some clients a psychologist can be an expert therapist, able to provide intelligent insights as well as advice and support in navigating current and ongoing challenges.

Addictions can also be treated with psychology where unhealthy behaviour patterns can be changed in a positive and enduring way.  

Benefits of Psychology

Unlike psychiatry, psychological treatment does not involve any prescription drug. It is a more natural yet still scientific process which focuses not on medication but on behavioural change to instigate a more positive and healthy mental and physical lifestyle.

Psychology identifies your challenges and barriers before working with the patient to establish different ways to manage or overcome them. Their practice is designed to deliver long-term change not just short term-results.

Who Can See a Psychologist?

We welcome everyone into our clinic to meet for a consultation with our psychologist. An initial meeting and assessment will allow us to provide an initial diagnosis which will help both you and the psychologist decide if this is the right treatment style for you.

As well as patients with diagnosed mental health issues, we also see patients who have recently experienced a loss of a loved one, are undergoing stresses at work or in their family and people who are suffering from short and long term conditions such as depression or unresolved anger.

Workplace Psychology

We believe in a happy, health workplace environment. A psychologist can help your company foster a more positive working space by implementing a workplace wellness program with the help of our psychologist.

Are Psychological Services Expensive?

Clients may be able to receive up to 10 Medicare rebates per calendar year for treatment from a registered psychologist. To receive this rebate your GP needs to approve a Mental Health Plan for you. 

You should talk to your GP about obtaining a plan or alternatively, you may be able to claim from your private health insurance. Please speak with your health fund insurer to confirm your policy coverage.